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On this page, you can access our complimentary materials. Discover our regularly released ‘Free Macro Nugget’ and other typically premium content that we occasionally offer for free.

Macro Nugget: Keir Starmer is building for a reason

Last week in Geopolitics

This week in geopolitics, Sunak and Starmer debated key issues ahead of the UK’s July 4 election. In India, Modi’s BJP retained power despite falling short of a majority, influenced by a strong opposition and economic concerns. The Ukraine-Russia conflict escalates, US-China trade talks resume amid South China Sea tensions, and Israel-Palestine peace talks show progress while Saudi-Iran relations improve.

Crypto Nugget: Here Comes the Ethereum Spot ETF

Crypto Nugget: Here Comes the Ethereum Spot ETF

President Biden and his administration have made a complete 180 to attract pro-crypto voters. Now, the approval of the Ethereum spot ETF seems more likely than ever. We estimate a 95% chance of approval this year, most likely as early as this week. These ETFs, combined with a more favorable U.S. regulatory environment for crypto, will propel us to new heights.


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