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5 things we watch: May-inflation, Duration bets, Corporate profits, Scandi FX and the USD

The USD is on the move and as per usual, repercussions are felt across the financial markets. Disinflation seems to be pretty across most of the globe and China is now actively exporting lower prices again. Position accordingly. To read the full article, sign up for a...

Turkish Election Liveblog – Round 2!

Welcome to Turkish Election Liveblog - Round 2! It’s the most important election of 2023 at the Turkish voters head to the polls to decide the presidential showdown! Follow our live coverage right here! Open Article in browser to follow!  

Steno Signals #50 – Singing Hallelujah while sleeping at the wheel!

AI is mana sent from heaven, while McCarthy and Biden have allegedly agreed on a debt ceiling deal. We continue to favor positions with a positive beta to slowing inflation despite the recent concerns around stickier for longer. To read the full article, sign up for a...
Portfolio watch

Portfolio Watch #1 – Not your rookie market

As we close out our first week with a live portfolio, we are excited to introduce our new weekly watch piece, providing a comprehensive summary of our trading week. Every Friday, we will release this publication, and we extend a warm welcome to you all in this...

5 Things We Watch: Brazil, Italy, CNY, DAX and EU Banking Crisis

Is Brazil a hideout in the current environment? How will Italy refinance its debt? Is it time for CNY to head lower? Have we seen the top in DAX? And will the banking crisis move to Europe? Find the answers here. To read the full article, sign up for a 14-day FREE...

Steno Research Live Portfolio

We have launched our live portfolio monitor, which allows you to track our performance and our positions in real-time. The live feed will be available for premium subscribers only, while we will deliver occasional updates on the composition for basic subscribers as...

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