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Macro Nugget: More liquidity and less pressure on the long end in June/July

Improving liquidity with help from Yellen & co!

The Treasury has reduced the sizes of short-dated bill auctions in early to mid-June, enhancing liquidity conditions. They plan to restore these auction sizes to February and March levels by July. This expected increase in bills auctions should add over $200 billion in debt in Q3, improving the liquidity environment as the fixed income markets won’t need to absorb longer coupons, preventing a rise in term premiums.

The Treasury General Account (TGA) is currently below its $850 billion target at $710 billion. A shift in liquidity from the Overnight Reverse Repurchase Agreement (ON RRP) to the TGA in July and August would be beneficial, particularly since the TGA must decrease significantly by year-end due to the impending debt ceiling deadline.

Despite Secretary Yellen’s preferences, the TGA cannot maintain its current levels as the debt ceiling deadline approaches. The suspension was enacted with a TGA mandate of around $60 billion, setting this as the necessary target before the January 1, 2025, debt ceiling deadline.

Overall, the outlook for liquidity developments remains positive.

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