The Macro Trading Floor

Every week, one of the best worldwide macro investors joins this unique show to talk about the economy, markets and elaborate the next big actionable macro trade! The show is hosted by two young and institutionally successful European macro stars: Alfonso Peccatiello (former Head of a $20bn Investment Portfolio at ING) and Andreas Steno Larsen (former Chief Strategist at Nordea).

Real Vision Daily Briefing

Real Vision’s Daily Briefing provides a macro context for the day’s market action, Monday through Friday, live at 4:00 p.m. ET. Our hosts talk with traders, quants, investors, and analysts with skin in the game. These experts include Tony Greer, Katie Stockton, Jim Bianco, Jared Dillian, Thomas Thornton, and our own Raoul Pal. In just 30 minutes, you’ll get the world’s smartest analysis of global markets and the important macro trends driving them.


‘The Billionaire’s Club” A Danish podcast on all the things your bank won’t tell you! The world is changing and the times call for independent analyses and assessments on all things macro and politics. Independent top-economist Andreas Steno and geopolitical analyst Mikkel Rosenvold deliver a bi-weekly dive into the latest news and developments and offer deep and relevant perspectives on various topics relating to finance, geopolitics and everything in between.


The most bitter and vengeful football podcast around. Ari, Andreas and Mikkel take you through the latest gossip and scandals in the crazy world of football. This podcast isn’t shy about calling out tax frauds, hypocrites and divers. We firmly believe that everything was better before football became oilinfested and woke – listen to our ramblings bi-weekly on Ritiro Podcast