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The Steno Research DataHub has been built to provide easy and interactive access to the models, data and indicators used by Steno Research analysts.
With this DataHub you’ll get access to our:

Regime model: A lookback at historic asset performance under various macro regimes, including backtester and Steno forecasts
Structural Asset Allocation Model: A model portfolio with allocation weightings based on forecasted values on inflation, growth and Liquidity across a specified time horizon

…and much more…

With our Steno Research Portfolio Dashboard, you can track live and historical performances of Steno Research trade ideas alongside overall average equal-weighted returns.

Trade ideas are updated on an ongoing, real-time basis,
with returns refreshed every 15 minutes.

Get a deeper understanding of our dynamic investment approach,
and maybe some new trade ideas that you haven’t thought of before.

We put our money where our mouth is!

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Decoding the Cryptocurrency Market.

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