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The Great Game – Erdogan’s historic flip-flop

3 main takeaways from the historic summit in Lithuania

The recent NATO summit held in Lithuania had an array of impactful moments that are set to shape the course of global politics in the coming years. The event will be dissected from a multitude of perspectives, but there are a few major developments that stand out, demonstrating the complex tapestry of global alliances, negotiations, and unexpected twists.


1. Turkey Bought Off with EU Promises?

In a plot twist straight out of an international intrigue novel, President Erdogan of Turkey has finally consented to Sweden’s membership in NATO. The journey has been far from easy, with Sweden making significant concessions to Erdogan, including retaining several Kurdish separatists within their borders, in a bid to woo the Turkish leader. Yet, Erdogan remained inflexible, a testament to his renowned negotiation skills.

The roadblock was eventually moved, but the toll seems to be promises of renewed EU membership negotiations. Indeed, the negotiations’ price tag, so to speak, hints at the carrot being dangled before Turkey: the tantalizing prospect of a seat at the European Union table. However, skeptics may rightfully question the likelihood of Turkey’s EU accession in the near future. Will this carrot be enough to placate Erdogan and ensure the smooth integration of Sweden into NATO? Only time will tell.

Either way – this is a historic “flip-flop” by Erdogan and a massive boost for the West even if I’m skeptical of Turkey’s EU aspirations. The desire and goodwill shown by Erdogan towards the West at this summit will send echoes through Moscow and Beijing.


2. Stoltenberg: The Steady Hand

3 main takeaways from the historic summit in Lithuania

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