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Great Game: Cannibals in Haiti and Mediators in Istanbul

We cover the hottest geopolitical topics relevant to your portfolio!

Welcome to this week’s Great Game! We are still in waiting mode on a Gaza truce, which to be honest is baffling me. But in the meantime, let’s cover some current events and the potential effect on markets.

Cannibals taking over Haiti?

Haiti’s Prime Minister Ariel Henry has fled the country and his government seems to be in full collapse. Who will emerge from the power vacuum?

Currently, it seems like the gang leader “Barbecue” and his thugs are in control of large parts of the capital and have expressed their desire to overthrow the Henry government and form some sort of alternative. And to make matters even more bizarre, a video emerged over the weekend allegedly showing Barbecue gang members eating from the corpse of a rival gang member. While cannibalism does exist in Haiti, it appears that this video is some years old, so we can’t definitively say that the gangs trying to take over Haiti are still cannibals – but in either case it’s absolutely not good news for the Haitian population if they take power.

We cover the hottest geopolitical topics relevant to your portfolio!

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