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Great Game – Moscow terror, Netanyahu Furious and Biden climbing polls

Geopolitical analysis of the questions we're getting the most

Welcome to this week’s Great Game. We’re going to try out a slightly new format this time. Instead of unfolding one major topic, we will cover a couple stories more briefly, so you are covered on the most important stories in geopolitics right now. Please feedback via mail or in the comment section below!



Moscow Terror Attacks

Situation: The concert venue Crocus was hit by a massive terror attack on Friday Night. ISIS has taken responsibility for the attack, but the Russian authorities are still very ambiguous and seemingly are trying to frame Ukraine as involved in the attacks

UN Ceasefire Resolution

Situation: The United Nations Security Council passed a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire of the Gaza War during the month of Ramadan. Israel demanded that the US vetoed this resolution, but the US only abstained from voting, meaning that the resolution could pass. Israeli PM Netanyahu was furious and cancelled a government delegation trip to Washington and calling it a “clear retreat from the consistent US position”.


Biden climbing in polls

Situation: Joe Biden’s polling is improving and the Economist even has him ahead of Trump head-to-head in a recent polling average.

Geopolitical analysis of the questions we’re getting the most

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